“Many years ago a friend gave me a set of Carole’s cards as a Christmas gift. I loved them right from the start. I have lived my entire life in Chicago; so many of her city subjects are meaningful to me. I have enjoyed using them in different ways, not just as note cards, but as gifts for friends and even as the gift given at one of our high school reunions. We were all Chicago kids and it seemed the perfect gift. Be it Chicago, Holiday, or Simple Treasures, Carole captures special feelings with her cards. They are the first ones I reach for when sending off a note to family or friends.”

July 2023

“Someone gave me several of these beautiful watercolor greeting cards, and I immediately asked: Who’s Carole? Where can I get more? Chicagoan Carole Giovacchini paints classic Chicago scenes — skyline, beaches, iconic buildings. Give blank ones as a gift, or write in them and send them.”

–Mary Schmich
Chicago Tribune July 2, 2012

Every summer I make a list of things I like lately. Here’s one for summer:

“I will send my “Cards by Carole” to only special people so it will take me a while to use them up, but in the words of the Terminator, “I’ll be back””

November 4, 2013